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Goals for AAUW


Creating access to STEM careers for enthusiastic marine biology students

As a dynamic, multifaceted organization, AAUW’s overall impact is most significant when advocacy and action are a collaborative effort among members, national leaders and allies in our communities.


With my leadership, we will continue to:

  • Increase the impact and sustainability of our programs through strong philanthropic support and new revenue sources.

  • Support branches and states as we engage members in mission-based programs and leadership opportunities.

  • Extend AAUW’s programs into new areas of influence that bridge generations and diverse communities.

  • Advocate with a leading voice on issues of global equity for women.



Meeting in Cuba with National Federation of Women to discuss priority equity issues


“Patricia envisions an AAUW that reflects strength and diversity.  She would promote inclusive, cross-generational collaborations among members, partners and supporters to advance AAUW’s equity mission and significant positive change for all women and girls. A true visionary and a strategic thinker, Patricia Fae Ho is absolutely the right person at the right time to lead AAUW forward.”

Carol R. Virostek, Ph.D. In memoriam

AAUW College/University Relations Past Committee Chair

AAUW Connecticut Past President






Treasuring friendships with branch members of North Shore Area MA

“Patricia exemplifies effective leadership.  As AAUW-MA president and New England Regional Director, she encouraged collaborative ventures among branches and states.  Massachusetts continues its collaborative activities initiated by Patricia.   She is a creative thinker, thoughtful listener, and a decisive can-do person.   She will move AAUW forward as a premiere national organization.”

Elizabeth Fragola                                                                                                                                      
AAUW-MA Past President



Congratulating Student Advisory Council member Ellen Le at NCCWSL 2012


“Patricia is a forward-thinker who understands the value of investing in and supporting young women leaders. As a Student Advisory Council member at NCCWSL, I had the pleasure of discussing current issues facing women with Patricia. She is clearly passionate and extremely knowledgeable regarding all things AAUW.”

Ellen Le 
Stanford University Student                                                  
AAUW Social Media Committee

Sharing impact of Laura Marie Corrigan’s Campus Action Project at NCCWSL 2012


“Patricia and I enjoyed conversations about my Campus Action Grant project based on AAUW’s research study Crossing the Line.  After my NCCWSL presentation, she asked to use several of my slides in her own presentation and gave me the credit. She valued my ideas.”

Laura Marie Corrigan                                                                                                            
Saint Mary’s College Graduate
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